Zen and the Art of Maintenance Services

Course Number: ABS2W

Class Description: Probably the most important change our industry needs to make is converting from crisis sales (repairs) to maintenance. This class is 4 hours of examining manufacturers' maintenance requirements and other profitable maintenance services. How to identify the need, price the service, schedule the service and sell it to your customers.

Total Training Time: 4 hours

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"The 6 sessions included in this course turned my shop around. Using what I had learned, I was able to increase average invoice sales dramatically. And of that increase, over 80% was maintenance sales.

So along with increasing average sales, our overall sales have increased by almost a third. We learned several ways in which to increase customer satisfaction. We have a higher customer return rate now and seem to have happier customers. They are telling their friends and relatives about us more than ever. The other half of this equation is employee satisfaction. This has increased as well due to implementing ideas learn during the course.

I would highly recommend this course to any business owner, manager, or service advisor in the automotive industry. I consider money spent on this course 10 times more productive and effective over advertising in any form."

—Mark Guernsey, Owner, Accountable Automotive